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Splurge here, there and just about everywhere

Ok im here online just doing nothing, bored and hoping for someone to get online...the dang sun is shining already and i feel sick of it because its shining at my face....im starting to get that weird chest pain all over again... i really outta get it checked out...but it comes and goes...and i doubt i could convince a doctor that i truelly have it rather than imagining the whole ordeal. I've had this sort of pain since last year but stubborn me i have not told many ppl....but i want no sympathies or "u should have that checked out"... i just kinda hope its nothing bad.

Now that that is done...im not sure what im doing today...but i am most likely gonna be with Adrianna after 11 i dont know what we shall do...maybe italian sodas or something. Jesse wants me to pick him up and bring him to Weiser, but im not sure if i will be able to or not... o well.

Hmmmm....o yes i am going to go to Boise on Wednesday, on who goes...well its up to their parents....Zena and Pia shall have to ask...and i hope they can both go as well. And im gonna see if my friend Heather can go...{the chick from Nampa that was in BPA, and Debate}...Im also contemplating whether or not to get a haircut....or more like which style can keep my highlights more intact.

Well kycya got online...yay... though shes in EST....its a start....OMG now Homeland Security has dubbed malls as terrorist softies...o great there goes cheap prices and bargains...Y cant the terrorists go after WalMart...with the money they make they can have it back up the next day....And if the terrorist hit the Boise Towne Square mall before i get there....i shall join the army and kill those bastards.....OMG that was a burst of i dont know what....

Guess what time i awoke this morning......6:06AM thats right basically the time of the devil...though i dont know about the seconds....it was trippy....so i watched the landing of the shuttle....boring as usual...And as i feared....i am breaking out yet again....ive started a facial scrub and all that...but i shall give it time....Well Anne sorry to say this but Bush signed the Energy Bill....we are all gonna die of unnofficial global warming...*runs screaming*

Peter is now on yet there is nothing to talk about....and OMG its taken me an hour to write this...well tis all i expect lengthy comments from all of u.
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